The St John’s Beaumont Common Room


St. John’s Beaumont is a community of professionals, boarders and day boys who live and study together.  The wider SJB community is at the very heart of supporting every single boy who attends school at St John’s, and on this page you can find the details of the professional members of our community.

School Leadership Team

Mr G E F Delaney BA (Hons) PGCE, MSc (Oxon): Headmaster

Mr P Barr BA (Hons) QTS : Deputy Headmaster & Head of Boarding

Mrs P Bright : Bursar

Mr G Williams BComm, HDE : Director of Studies, Head of Assessment

Mrs P Powell-Harper ADCE, EYD : Head of Pre-Prep, Reception Teacher and DSL

Mr C Lamprecht BEd : Head of Upper School

Miss A Theodore BEd, MEd, QTS : Head of Middle School

The Governing Council

The Very Rev Dermot Preston SJ – Provincial
Mr M C Brenninkmeyer (Chairman)
Mr T R Cook
Fr R G H Dawson SJ
Mr F A Forrester
Mr M N McEvoy
Fr A B Porter SJ
Mrs W Nash
Mrs S Taylor
Dr R D Townsend
Mrs P Bright (Clerk to the Governors)

Class Teachers

Mrs L Water Dip Pre-School Practice (Nursery Class Teacher)

Mrs P Powell-Harper ADCE, EYD (Reception Class Teacher, CPLO and Head of Pre-Prep)

Year 1
Miss L Warrellow BA (Hons), PGCE, TEFL (Blandyke 1 Class Teacher & Key Stage 1 Coordinator)
Miss C Symonds BA (Hons) PGCE (Blandyke 2 Class Teacher)

Year 2
Mrs J Richter BA (Hons), PGCE (Berchmans 1 Class Teacher)
Miss R Carlton-Walker BA (Hons), PGCE (Berchmans 2 Class Teacher)

Year 3
Mr A Hill BA (Hons), PGCE (Bellarmine 1 Class Teacher), Deputy CPLO
Miss L Carver BA (Hons) PGCE, QTS, CCRS (Bellarmine 2 Class Teacher)

Year 4
Mr J Fountain BA (Hons), PGCE, MEd (Cantab) (Lower Elements 1 Class Teacher)
Mr C Whitfield BA (Hons) PG Dip Ed (Lower Elements 2 Class Teacher)

Year 5
Mr N Moore BA (Hons) Music, PGCE (Upper Elements 1 Class Teacher and Upper School English)
Miss A Theodore BEd, MEd QTS (Head of Middle School & Upper Elements 2 Class Teacher)

Year 6
Mr C Lamprecht BEd (Lower Figures 1 Class Teacher & Head of Upper School)
Ms C Freitas dos Santos BEd, HBEd (Lower Figures 2 Class Teacher)

Mr P Barr BA (Hons) (Head of Boarding)
Mr P Hennessy BA (Hons), PGCE
Mr N Jackson (Southwell Senior Dormitory Master)
Miss R Wise BA (Hons) (Morse Junior Dormitory Master)
Mrs L Walsh RN (Paediatric) (School Nurse)

Subject Teachers

Mr I McKillop BA, Cert Ed, Dip Art, SBTD (Head of Art)

Mr W Lamprecht BEd (Hons) (Director of Sport & Head of Design Technology)

Mrs R Hunt BA (Hons) (Head of Drama)

Mr S Gibbons BA (Hons), PGCE (Head of English)
Mr N Fairlie BA Eng

Mr S Hutchinson-Lawson BEd (Head of Geography, Master i/c of Rowing & Examinations Officer)

Mr S Thomas BA (Hons) (Head of History)
Mr P Hennessy BA (Hons), PGCE (Master i/c of Rugby)

Mr S van Straten BA (Hons) (Head of Latin)
Mr M Watkins BA (Hons)

Miss C Murphy BA (Hons) (Head of Mathematics)
Mr P Barr BA (Hons), QTS

Ms C Dos Santos BEd, HBEd

Mrs P Herbommez QTS, PGCE, BEd (Head of French)
Mrs A Katsarou (French)
Miss S Martignago (Head of EAL)

Dr A Plant BA, PhD, PGCE, FRSA (Director of Music)
Dr D Mollison BMus MPhil PhD LRAM, LTC, ARAM, PGCE (Assistant Director of Music)

Mrs K Katnik BTh (Hons) PGCE (Head of Religious Education)

Ms C dos Santos BEd, HBEd (Head of Science)
Mr C Lamprecht BEd
Mr G Hazell  BTEC First DipSc, BTEC National DipSc (Laboratory Technician)

Mr W Lamprecht BEd Hons (Director of Sport)
Mr B Smiley BA (Hons) (Sports Centre Manager and Activities Co-ordinator)
Mr P Hennessy BA (Hons), PGCE (Master i/c Rugby)
Mr S Hutchinson-Lawson BEd (Master i/c Rowing)
Mrs A MacPhee BA Ed (QTS) Hons (Mistress i/c of Lower School Sport)
Miss D Lindsay Macleod BSc (Hons)  (Swimming Pool Manager)
Mr G Gravett ASA, RLSS  (Head of Swimming)
Mrs V Staight ASA, MPLQ (Swimming Coach)

Mrs P Powell-Harper ADCE EYD (Child Protection Liaison Officer)

Fr A B Porter SJ
Mr P O’Sullivan SJ

Mr P Spencer: BA (Hons), Dip Lib (Librarian & Organist)

Mrs K Spooner-Warren BSc (Hons), PGCE SENCO
Mrs M Clancy BA (Hons)
Mrs C Elwes
Mrs M Hutchinson-Lawson BEd

Ms T Courtier (Teaching Assistant)
Miss E Goodrich (Teaching Assistant)
Mr M Hopper (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs M Nutt

Administrative & Specialist Staff

School Office

Mrs E Wisden (Headmaster’s PA)
Miss S Buckley (School Secretary)
Mrs K Masterson (Admissions Officer)
Miss R Lake-Benson (Morning Receptionist)
Mrs M Windle (Afternoon Receptionist & Boarding Administrator)
Mrs J Jefferies (Marketing Manager)


Mrs P Bright (Bursar)
Mrs D Day (Assistant Bursar)
Mrs A Nath (Accountant)
Mrs H Hayes (Bursar’s Assistant & HR)


Dr A P Hayter MB, BS, BS, PSc Pharmacol, AKC (School Doctor)
Mrs P Arnold BA (Hons), RGN (School Nurse)
Mrs L Walsh RN (Paediatric) (School Nurse)
Miss N Flint Bsc RN (Child) (School Nurse) – Maternity


Mrs M Martin (Housekeeper)

ICT/Computer Science

Mr T Clements HND Eng (Elec) MCSA, BSc Open (IT) (Head of ICT)
Miss L Wileman BSc (Hons) (Database Manager)