Music School

The music department at St John’s Beaumont caters for musical talent and interest of all kinds and the different activities on offer allow pupils to explore and develop their overall musicianship.

Quartet webOver 200 music lessons are taught each week by 17 dedicated instrumental teachers who cover every orchestral instrument in addition to singing, guitar, drums, piano and even the bagpipes.  The instrumental ensembles on offer include the school orchestra, rock bands, jazz band, flute ensemble, percussion ensemble, ‘cello quartet, junior and senior string quartets, plus numerous smaller ensembles and choirs.

It is an important part of the musical life of St John’s that each and every boy who learns an instrument should have the opportunity to perform in public.  To this end, there are a large number of formal and informal concerts during the year.  The highlight of the year for many is the annual Animal (House) music competition.

We have an outstanding choral tradition at St John’s Beaumont and the Chapel Choir of around 24 boys is central to the School’s religious ethos.  The choir have in recent years performed at a Papal Mass in St Peter’s Basilica and a concert tour to Cologne.  We have also performed at the 400th anniversary celebrations of St John Ogilvie in Glasgow.

The music department offers an enjoyable and rewarding curriculum in class music lessons with outstanding facilities.  The music department uses iMac computers for composition and recording / editing projects, enabling the teaching of music technology which is so fundamental to their musical education at secondary schools.  Earlier this year, 4 boys took part in an international electronic composition programme with Westmoor School and Berklee College in the USA.

The music department has a very successful programme that prepares boys for music scholarships to their next schools.  In recent years we have had boys awarded scholarships and exhibitions to schools including; Winchester, Wellington, Charterhouse and Eton.