Jesuit Education for Life

We pursue excellence in teaching and learning through the development and care of the whole child.  We promote Christ as the model for life where students and teachers may grow in the discernment needed to live each day with courage and compassion.

St John’s Beaumont shares many features with the best of Christian and secular schools but, as a Jesuit school, stands in its own distinctive tradition.

Jesuit education is inspired by the vision of St Ignatius Loyola (1491 – 1556) in which God reveals his love for us in all things.  The aim of Jesuit education is the formation of people of competence, conscience and compassion, who are men and women for others.  Jesuit education has a distinctive spirit through which, according to age and maturity, each pupil is challenged and sustained in his or her efforts to be someone :

  • who is aware of their many talents (academic, creative, social, spiritual and physical) and realises that talents are gifts to be developed for the good of the human community;
  • who has a healthy sense of self-worth and at the same time develops a realistic acceptance of limitations and failings and the need to seek forgiveness of God and others;
  • who reflects on personal experience and is sensitive to the needs of others, and so seeks to discern what is more for the praise and glory of God;
  • who seeks to respond to their own personal call from God, by sharing and promoting Christ’s values, and imitating him as the ‘man for others’;
  • who is a prayerful and joyful member of the Church, committed to a faith that expresses itself in justice.
  • who works responsibly for peace, reconciliation and friendship in their family, school and wider community;
  • who lives with magnanimity and generosity, striving for excellence in all they do, above all in the service of others.

To live in this way is to build the Kingdom of God.  It is to engage fully with the world around us.  The life and learning that is characteristic of St John’s Beaumont seeks to bring concretely to the Church in England and Wales a venerable and living tradition of the universal Church.  It is the Jesuit ideal adapted to the circumstances of the people, place and times in which we live.

As a pupil progresses through the School he will become part of this tradition, experiencing at first hand its pattern of teaching, values and practices, informed by the Jesuit vision.  It is our hope that each pupil will accept this rich heritage and make it his own and in so doing will be prepared for life, which is itself a preparation for eternal life.

Worldwide there are some 1300 Jesuit schools, colleges and universities, educating some two million young people in 65 countries.  The community of St John’s Beaumont is a part of this family and participates in an informal network of Jesuit apostolates that ranges from parishes and retreat