‘Meritus’ Award

Meritus CertificateThe ‘Meritus’ award is a highly regarded system of recognition within St John’s. The award recognizes the all-round contribution of a pupil in all areas of school life, including curricular, extra curricular, sporting, the arts and altruism.

The award is recognized at a special assembly by way of a written citation and certificate presented by the Headmaster and a formal lunch with the Headmaster at the end of each term.

The ‘Meritus’ award is recorded on each boy’s file for his remaining time at St John’s.


Commendation Certificates are a way of acknowledging and rewarding boys’ commitment, hard work and progress in a given subject.  Awards are made at a subject teacher’s discretion but in all cases will only be awarded after a prolonged period of excellent achievement or very occasionally as a result of an exemplary piece of extended work.  A boy can receive multiple commendations in any subject.

‘Heads of Department’ Commendations are the next step in this process and will be awarded once a boy has two individual teacher commendations in one subject.  Only one Head of Department Commendation will be awarded regardless of the number of teacher commendations.

A ‘Headmaster’s Commendation’ is awarded once a boy wins over half of the available ‘Heads of Department’ Commendations (in this case 6 or more).

Heads of Department Commendations will be announced in morning assembly and The Headmaster’s Commendation will be awarded in morning assembly. All boys who have won such an award will be invited to lunch with the Headmaster at the end of term.