Welcome to the World of Mathematics

At SJB we believe that everyone has a latent talent for mathematics. Our task is to awaken and develop that potential in each child, so that they can learn to appreciate the use, the joy, and the challenge of mathematics. By facing up to that challenge and working steadily, pupils develop life skills such as logical deduction, persistence, changing their perspective and thinking outside the box. They also discover that as well as being a Science, Mathematics can be a creative art. That is why we want pupils at SJB to say mathematics is their favourite subject, and hope many will achieve excellent GCSE results and go on to study maths at A level and university.

Across all Key Stages our examination results are consistently excellent. Teaching is closely geared to the exam syllabus but not so closely that we cannot have fun along the way. We make use of the extensive school grounds and the vast world of the Internet along with the ever increasing world of technology to link maths to the real world. Although maths at SJB is done mainly with pencil and paper, technology allows us to speed up and streamline many of the repetitive mechanical processes and allow pupils to see the functional applications of the maths they are learning. ICT in maths will be used by pupils to see the efficiency it can bring to calculations and also to investigate and discover the world of maths for themselves. Students will use spreadsheets, interactive geometry, graph drawing packages and many websites to compete with others from around the world.

Pupils who have missed work or struggle with a particular topic will be invited to catch up during a maths workshop where topics will be explained in more depth and extra help will be given with the work set. To keep the more able fully stretched, there are many challenges offered both within and outside school including a weekly problem which every pupil is encouraged to enter and potentially win a prize!