sigThe ‘Magis’ programme at St. John’s was inspired by the Jesuits’ use of the word as both a beacon and a challenge: What more can I do for God? What more can I do for others? Under this heading, alongside specially arranged trips and presentations to boys of all ages, each week boys in the Upper School receive a presentation, the theme of which either corresponds to learning more about the world around us, or about people working for others.

The presentations are delivered by visiting speakers, members of our own staff and from time to time our parents. Talks have included international rapid aid response to natural disasters, space exploration (NASA astronauts), Jesuit Missions, airline pilot, Philip Hammond (MP), CAFOD, Lord Alton, Lord Rosser, the Queen’s private chaplain, the British Army, the British Navy, Seismologist and chemist from the oil and gas industry, Journalists, TV and Radio presenters, inventors, archaeologists, pathologist, authors, Formula 1 engineers, explorers, a rocket design engineer and many more besides.

The success of the programme sees the boys, every Wednesday, as a large group, look forward to sharing an experience that is both enjoyable but also important to their lives outside school.

The Magis programme has become a vehicle for championing some of the most important aspects of our being a Jesuit school; a community interested in sharing and learning and putting those lessons to good use.