Geography Department

The goal of geography is nothing less than an understanding of the vast interacting system comprising all humanity and its natural environment on the surface of the Earth. Geography should aim to encourage and underpin ‘a lifelong conversation about Earth as the home of humankind. We seek out for boys to understand how physical and human phenomena are arranged and related. This makes geography distinctive, as a curriculum subject that bridges the sciences and the humanities. In describing and seeking explanations for the interaction of people with their varied environments, geography has a particular interest in spatial distributions, movements, patterns and in the way places are made.
Year 8 undertake a fieldwork trip in September as part of their Common Entrance requirements. This is a residential trip in which pupils are required to complete fieldwork appropriate for submission as part of their coursework for the Common Entrance Examination.

Other year groups are encouraged to explore outside the classroom and have include trips to the Natural History Museum for a visit to the Plate Tectonic section. Teachers are encouraged to set up and introduce new trips appropriate to the teaching and enhancing the subject material covered in class.