Examinations are a fundamental part of a modern learning environment and when used moderately and appropriately can serve to support teachers’ understanding of a boy’s learning and subsequently support his progress.

We do examine the boys at St John’s but in an age appropriate manner: examination skills take time to evolve.

At St John’s boys are prepared for public examinations in Year 8 which are typically Common Entrance or alternatively scholarship examinations to their next school.

Above and beyond the annual examination timetable for all years (3-8) there is an additional diagnostic and standardised testing programme from Year 4 (a cognitive ability test – CAT). These are administered to all boys on an annual basis from Year 4 and provide a helpful picture of boys’ strengths and areas that might benefit from further support. In addition the School also runs PiPS (Years 3 – 6) and MIDYS tests (years 7 & 8).

In preparation for their final Common Entrance examinations (In June of Year 8) boys in Years 7 and 8 sit termly mock examinations in all academic subjects.