The Dermot Gogarty Memorial Trust

little angels 3 (002) webIn July 2016, £6,800 was sent to Breadline Africa at the behest of The Dermot Gogarty Trust.  The ultimate recipient of these funds was this pre-school in a township area of Cape Town.  The school was set up by a lady by the name of Liesl and is for children between the ages of 1 and 6 years old.

In a space about the size of St John’s combined Reception, Blandyke 1 and Nursery classrooms – 90 children are cared for.  These children are all from families where drug and alcohol abuse is prevalent and where grandparents or other guardians have stepped in to ‘rescue’ these small children from the dangers imposed by their own parents.  And to help them start to get an education. Grandparents are asked to pay an amount of R100 per month (£5.50) to the school.

My husband and I were fortunate enough to take our sons to Cape Town to visit my family over the Christmas holidays.  little angels 2 (003) webI had remembered from our dealings with Breadline Africa in the summer that the money FSJB raised had gone towards a school in Cape Town.  I got in touch with the Breadline Africa Administrator in the UK who very kindly put me in contact with the principal of the school and her colleagues at Breadline Africa in Cape Town.

It was a true privilege to take the boys to see the work that had been done at the school and for them to see first-hand an example of where the FSJB money goes to – as well as t
hem attempting to get an understanding as to just how fortunate they are.

The £6,800 has transformed Little Angels.  It used to consist of three small shacks – where the water would pour down through the metal in the winter, there was no electricity and it was ridden with mice.

The FSJB money enabled them – in November – to build three classrooms (from large containers) and they now have electricity too.  It is truly phenomenal to see what our fundraising can achieve! I cannot stress enough how unbelievably grateful both Breadline Africa and Little Angels are to the Dermot Gogarty Trust and to the FSJB.

I truly felt so very proud to be part of this wonderful committee – and how through our efforts, lives really are changed.

Mrs H


The Dermot Gogarty Memoral Trust was set up in 2006 following the tragic death of the former Headmaster Dermot Gogarty.

During his time as Headmaster of St John’s, Dermot was fiercely committed to the idea of social justice and in particular the boys’ contribution to the needs of others less fortunate than themselves.

Since his death, the Trust has raised over £30,000.  These funds are used both to support projects entered into by old boys of St John’s that have at their heart the idea of social justice and to fund projects around the world that offer opportunities to educate the poorest and most disadvantaged children in the world.

The work of the Trust is on-going both in terms of the grants it plans to make and in the funds it aims to raise.

If you would like to support the work of the trust to apply for a grant, please contact the Headmaster at [email protected] or telephone (01784) 432428 for further details.