Design & Technology

All St. John’s Beaumont boys from Year 3 to Year 5 take Art & Design as part of the Design Technology curriculum, whilst boys from Year 6 to Year 8 follow a conventional approach to Design Technology. Classes follow a weekly plan of two 35 minute lessons.  Although it does not form part of the school’s formal examinations, boys’ work is assessed by short tasks set for each half term.

Our Department’s aim is to deliver a varied experience for boys of all abilities and to ensure that basic skills are taught. In doing so boys can build on theoretical and practical knowledge gained. As part of our course boys get to challenge themselves with good old fashioned tools and methods whilst making use of modern electronic technologies to enhance their problem solving and presentation skills. Architecture, 3D printing, automata, packaging, food technology, graphic design and technical drawings are just a few of the modules covered through the course of the year.