Early age boys are taught by a range of teachers to support their ability to interact confidently with different adults. Additional subject are introduced at important stages to offer breadth and stimulation to their learning. It is important to recognise that boys come to us with a range of abilities and talents and an important role of our curriculum is to recognise and support these talents.
An overview of the curriculum can be seen below;

Nursery & Reception
Early Years Foundation Stage
Weekly swimming lessons are introduced in Nursery
Music is taught by a subject specialist
Drama is introduced into Reception
After school activities are available from Nursery
Short ‘Homework’ activities are introduced in Nursery
Individual music tuition is available to boys (usually form reception)
Year 1 :

English, Mathematics, Science, Geography, History, Music, Art, DT, ICT, Drama, PE, Religious Education.
Year 2 :
The day is extended from 8.20am until 3.15pm
Touch rugby (Games) is introduced to the above list.
French is introduced to the above list
Year 3 :
The day is further extended from 8.20am until 4.00pm (+ optional activities)
Years 4 & 5 :
The day is further extended from 8.20am until 5.00pm (+ optional activities)
Homework is completed at school
A comprehensive range of activities is now available
Latin is added to the above list in Year 5
Year 6 to 8 :
Current Affairs and Verbal Reasoning are taught in Year 6
Early preparation is begun for Common Entrance / Scholarship
The school does not participate in Key Stage 2 testing in Year 6
Each pupil is allocated a personal tutor
An academic scholarship stream is introduced into Year 7 for boys who demonstrate the necessary academic ability and commitment