Art Department

DSC_2397Here, at St John’s Beaumont, the fundamental belief is that every boy has some level of creative ability and it is therefore our aim to foster this creativity in as wide a manner as possible whilst also instilling a lasting interest in and appreciation of the History of the subject.

All the Art courses are structured in a manner which enables boys to build on previous knowledge and allows them to complete work in their own time.  Every boy has the opportunity to exhibit in the Annual Art Exhibition which is held in the Summer Term.  The Art Clubs are always popular and students are encouraged to attend these evening activities in order to further their studies and complete additional work for their portfolios.

DSC_2396As the year progresses the boys are introduced to an increasing number of skills, both practical and theoretical, gaining confidence and competence using a varied range of “motif”.  In addition to the normal school term the Department runs Holiday Courses during which boys are offered the chance to work ‘on location’ or on specialised courses in the main Studio.

The school opened a Print Room extension to the department in January 2010 and a new Art Studio in September 2014.


The aims of the Art School

  • student2To instill an interest and love for the subject whether practical, historical or theoretical.
  • To teach students the methods and techniques involved in a wide range of creative processes.
  • To provide students with the opportunities to develop their abilities using the various media involved in the creation process.
  • To enable all students to experience and visualise the full range of Artistic endeavour by arranging numerous trips to the theatre, opera, ballet as well as galleries and museums both in the UK and abroad.
  • To provide students with the opportunity to exhibit their work in school exhibitions.

DSC_2398Boys receive weekly art lessons throughout the School during which they are taught the skills and techniques of drawing, painting, multi media and printing. The various courses are graduated so that skills are developed thoroughly enabling students, on transition to their senior schools, to have the ability and skills which will enable them to make their future choices such as Fine Arts or design and technology.

studentApart from the timetabled classes the Art School also provides evening classes, holiday courses and individual tuition for those students who are particularly keen to pursue their studies in the subject.

Over the past 10 years the Art School has assisted numerous students in obtaining Top Art Scholarships to their senior schools.

It is a central aim of the Art School to encourage, in all students, a sense of accomplishment and understanding by providing them with experienced tuition and the facilities to explore the excitement and enjoyment of artistic endeavour.