Admissions Information

St John’s Beaumont is a Roman Catholic boys’ day and boarding school and accepts boys from 3½ to 13 years.  Priority is given to boys who are baptized Roman Catholic.  Children of other faiths are warmly welcomed if it is evident that they would benefit from a Christian education and contribute positively to the ethos of the school.  A visit to the school may be arranged by telephoning the Admissions Secretary on (01784) 494053.

DSC_0229The usual points of entry are into the Nursery from 3½ years of age, Year 3 (aged 7 years) and Year 7 (aged 11 years).  We may also have occasional places in other year groups when a place becomes vacant.  Pupils’ names are placed on the appropriate waiting list on receipt of a completed registration form together with a non-refundable registration fee of £80.00.  Once a formal offer of a place has been made, parents are required to confirm acceptance by completing an Acceptance Form and forwarding a non-returnable deposit of £500.00.  This deposit will be deducted from the final term’s fee.

St John’s Beaumont is a not an academically selective school, however our selection process is designed to identify pupils who will benefit from our balanced and well-rounded education and make a positive contribution towards the wider life of the school.

All candidates are invited for interview with the Headmaster and pre-prep pupils (Nursery to Year 1) are invited to spend a morning in class.  Pupils from Year 2 to Year 8 are invited to a termly Assessment Day to sit an assessment in maths and English as part of their visit.  Candidates for Years 5 to 8 will also sit a range of CAT tests.  All boys will join their peers in lessons and sport and the day allows time for a comprehensive appraisal of each boys’ abilities and likely contributions to the wider life of the school.  Overseas candidates are invited to sit the UKiset overseas pupil assessment and will be interviewed once results of the test have been received.  The purpose of the UKiset test is to ensure that candidates are able to access the curriculum and have a satisfactory level of spoken and written English.

Generous bursary provision exists to support families of boys who would benefit from the education provided by St John’s.  All applications are assessed on a means tested basis and parents are asked to contact the Admissions Secretary for further information.  Bursaries are assessed in late February and applications therefore should be received by 14th February each year.

We reserve the right to withdraw the offer of a place at our School if information becomes available that contravenes the criteria for admissions.  An appeal may be made in writing to the Governors.

The offer of a place at St John’s will be subject to any financial obligations being met by the parents.  Written confirmation of this may be required from the School before any offer is made.

If, in the opinion of the School, a boy is not flourishing in the school environment because of a previously known but not disclosed (by Parents or Guardians) learning or behavioural difficulty, an alternative educational experience may be suggested. If reasonably possible, a term’s notice will be given by the school.

In the event of over-subscription in a year group, preference will be given to a sibling of a boy already at the School.  A boy may be placed on a waiting list if the year group is oversubscribed.  Parents will then be informed if a place becomes available.

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