Latest News Stories From Inside SJB
  • Shrove Tuesday Celebrations…

    On Tuesday all the boys and staff had a wonderful time dressing up for the annual Shrove Tuesday celebrations.  Everyone made a huge effort with their costumes with some very adventurous and cleverly made costumes – including a cowboy riding his horse and a wonderful selection of leprechauns!     Our overall theme this year […]

  • 1st XV Rugby Tour of Ireland

    On Friday, 29th January, the 1st XV squad set off to Dublin for a short tour to the Irish capital.  It started ominously due to severe winds, needless to say the pilot of our Aer Lingus flight deserves a medal for his landing skills. After being shuttled to the hotel in Bray, on the Southside […]

  • Music Award Achievement

    Over the last five years, eleven boys have won music awards to their senior schools: either scholarships or exhibitions, which allow them free music lessons, places in senior ensembles, and the honour of achievement.  The standards are high at all such establishments and to win an award requires dedication, constant practice and often an early […]

  • Macbeth Workshop

    On 25th January 2016, the Young Actors Of Windsor or YAOW came to SJB to provide Upper Figures and Rudiments with a workshop on Macbeth by William Shakespeare.  First we played a game called Whoosh and the theme was the first two acts of Macbeth.  Mrs. Gibbons read out the story and a group of […]

  • Bellarmine visit to Roald Dahl Museum

    The Bellarmine Boys brought the magic of Roald Dahl back to life on Thursday 21st January, when they visited the Roald Dahl Museum for the day. We began our day with a scrumdiddly-dumptious lunch at Café Twit and then had a lesson in Miss Honey’s classroom, from the wonderful book of Matilda…it really was as sweet […]

Latest News & Sports Stories From Inside SJB
  • Police Visit SJB!

    There were a few raised eyebrows from our neighbours but nonetheless tremendous excitement from our boys at the end of the Christmas term when we received a visit from the Police….lots and lots of them!: the riot team, the traffic pursuit team, horses, sniffer dogs and the silver command vehicle. The Police took unusual steps […]

  • Christmas Term 2015 : A Review

    This past term has been one of great excitement and many wonderful achievements across the academic and broader curriculum. With their teachers’ help, the boys have once again challenged themselves to take new opportunities, develop new skills and, with the support of the new Formation Programme, have benefitted greatly form the choices they have made and the […]

  • Patronal Feast Day and Day of Service

    On Thursday 26th November the entire school community joined together once again to celebrate the feast day of our Patron St. John Berchmans. St John Berchmans was canonized in 1888 by Pope  Leo XIII, the year that St John’s was founded as the junior school to what was Beaumont College. During this day, the boys […]

  • Geography Trip to Iceland

    At 3.30am on 21st November 2015 boys from Rudiments and Upper Figures (Years 7 and 8) departed for Iceland from Luton Airport and arrived at Reykjavik-Keflavik Airport. On the first day of our trip we visited many sites including a national park, two waterfalls, a Geyser and a greenhouse. For me, the highlight was the […]

  • Remembrance Day at St John’s

    The whole school community joined together on Remembrance Day once again this year to pay tribute to those who have died or suffered as a result of war.  The boys themselves played a large part in the service whether as sacristans, readers, flag attendants, trumpeters, or those laying the wreath.  It was once again a […]

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