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  • Verulamium and St Albans

    On Tuesday 5th July, Upper Figures undertook a cross-curricular trip to St Albans, where they explored how the Roman and medieval towns are linked by the Roman occupation of Britain and the coming of Christianity, specifically the martyrdom of the first British martyr, St Alban. The morning began with a visit to the Verulamium museum, […]

  • First Holy Communion

    On the 12th of June, 16 smart St John’s Beaumont boys and one special girl made their very First Holy Communion.  It was the most memorable Sunday morning, filled with family, friends, faith and fun. The year was very inspirational, interesting and active.  We learnt about mass, spoke about God and read a lot of […]

  • Blandyke to Bocketts Farm

    Our Blandyke (Year 1) classes had a fantastic day at Bocketts Farm this week.  All of the boys enjoyed the day, despite the weather, and got to know lots of the residents up close. We learnt about food that is grown in the kitchen garden and how the animals were looked after. Our favourite part […]

  • Activities Day

    Activities Day at St John’s Beaumont saw boys between Reception and Year 7 all take part in a variety of new activities on Friday 17th June.  The purpose of this day was to introduce the boys to activities that they will in all likelihood never have tried before.  We hope that by doing this we […]

  • Lower Figures Battlefields Trip

    x   Our Lower Figures (Year 6) boys visited Belgium and France just prior to half term as part of their World War 1 battlefields trip.  The boys visited a number of wonderful sites including; the recently constructed national necropolis in Northern France which remembers the 580,000 soldiers who died in the northern Pas-de-Calais […]

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  • Parents v Staff and Bellarmine v Mums Cricket

    In sporting terms the historic final weeks of a thrilling premiere league campaign gave way to the nail biting tension that has become the annual staff v parents cricket fixture.  However this year the adults had to share the limelight for the first time with a group of focused and highly motivated young men – […]

  • Sport Relief Everest Climb at St John’s Beaumont

    The Everest Climb for Sport Relief is progressing well at St John’s Beaumont, with over 2,000 metres climbed so far. Students, their families and members of the local community have all contributed to the 2,195 metres, which means that we have climbed higher than the tallest peak in the United Kingdom (Ben Nevis – 1,344m), […]

  • Midmar Mile Tour to South Africa in February 2016

    The Tourists; Joe Bowman, John Chang, Bobby Luke Dunne, Ryan Munro, Henry Oliver, Leo O’Rourke, Alessandro Patel, Henry Pearce, Amir Pedersoli, Thomas Rocco, Jed Sau, Zachary Thornton, Ian van Rooyen & Michael Yan. As Captain of Swimming, I would like to congratulate our ‘Midmar Mile’ boys, they worked very hard for a year preparing.  Some are […]

  • 1st XV Rugby Tour of Ireland

    On Friday, 29th January, the 1st XV squad set off to Dublin for a short tour to the Irish capital.  It started ominously due to severe winds, needless to say the pilot of our Aer Lingus flight deserves a medal for his landing skills. After being shuttled to the hotel in Bray, on the Southside […]

  • Music Award Achievement

    Over the last five years, eleven boys have won music awards to their senior schools: either scholarships or exhibitions, which allow them free music lessons, places in senior ensembles, and the honour of achievement.  The standards are high at all such establishments and to win an award requires dedication, constant practice and often an early […]

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St John's Beaumont was established in 1888 and for over a century we have educated leading thinkers, clergy, medics, top businessmen and sportsmen. St John's Beaumont is a school on a mission.

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